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Northstar Vinyl & Wood Bulkheads and Retaining Walls

Joe Birkner Lumber is one of the largest suppliers in Texas of bulkheading materials. We can ship a wall in pieces or as a package with every component - including hardware - you need for construction of the wall. Our experienced Project Consultants can also help you design the wall system that will best suit your needs.

Northstar Vinyl Bulkhead

Vinyl Bulkheading

Northstar Vinyl Bulkheading is designed for extended life and durability in marine applications. Its rigidity and superior design make it very effective for walls near roadways and for landscape erosion control systems. Other alternative uses range from cofferdams to concrete forms to head walls for bridges.

The Huge Advantages of Using Northstar Vinyl Bulkhead

  • Maintains Attractiveness longer than wood
  • Extremely Cost Effective - lasts twice as long as wood
  • Easier to Install than Wood
  • Impervious to Marine Borers
  • Northstar Vinyl is Monoextruded
  • Resistant to UV rays
  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty

"Northstar Vinyl Bulkheading is definitely superior to other products on the market.”

Monoextruded – pertains to the method used to manufacture the vinyl. The material is the same all the way through so there is no thin top layer to peel or strip away from an inferior substrate like in other vinyl walls.

See the chart below for more information about materials.

Click here to view more pictures of bulkheads and retaining walls.

Wood Bulkheading

Wood Bulkheading

Joe Birkner Lumber maintains a complete stock of wood components for building wooden bulkheads and retaining walls. We will treat the wood to the appropriate level depending on where you are building.

We will deliver all components to you as a package, ready to be built, so you can get started right away.

Materials Used for Building Bulkheads

Seawall Sheet Piling Northstar® Vinyl Seawall - available up to 40 feet
Series 2550 (Light)
Series 3100 (Medium)
Series 4000 (Heavy)
Series 8000 (Heavy Commercial/Industrial)
Available in Grey, Brown, Green, & Tan
Wood Sheathing Center Match/Tongue and Groove Southern Pine
#2 2 X 10 - 6 to 16 feet
.60 pcf - Fresh water treatment
2.5 pcf - Salt water and Brackish treatment
*Center Match is a special design to allow for easy-fitting installation
Wood Pilings Square pilings - See our Small Timbers section
Round pilings - See our Poles & Pilings section
Also available coated with 21 Poly for additional protection
Cap Boards #1 and #2 2X12 - 16 and 20 feet
Also available coated with 21 Poly for additional protection
Wood Wales 2 4X6 (S4S) – 12, 16, and 20 feet
#2 3X8 (RGH and S1S1E) - 12, 16, and 20 feet
.60 pcf and 2.5 pcf treatments available
Also available coated with 21 Poly for additional protection
Tie Rods 5/8" diameter - 12 and 15 feet
3/4" diameter - 15 and 20 feet
Galvanized with 12" threading on each end
Stainless Steel Fastener Kits Stainless Steel fastener materials. 3/8" and 1/2" - Carriage and Hex head with special washers, screws, nuts, washers.

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